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Hard-hitting Data: Why Metrics Matter

January 27th, 2015|0 Comments

Working with Phil has taught me how to take a truly analytic approach to the game of Omaha. Phil shows you all the percentages and numbers that form his powerful strategy, backed up by sound theory and analysis coming from countless hours of spreadsheet and Odds Oracle work. In the competitive field of online poker, those of us who play for living all strive to stay ahead of the curve. Phil… strives to go beyond the curve no matter how adaptive the opposition.
Eric Yang, PLO 100, Taiwan
Quadrophobia has been consistently releasing the best written PLO content on the internet over the past couple of years. I always encourage my personal clients to religiously follow his advice and consume his material. I have personally purchased, and benefited greatly from his coaching lessons, and in my opinion he has a top-notch understanding of PLO theory, and can teach you how to stay competitive in today’s tough PLO games.
I’ve been wanting to improve my game more and tried out some lessons with Phil. I am blown away by the math work he’s done for this crazy game as well as his ability to teach. As I’m not a math guy, some times the information can be overwhelming but Phil is not only patient but is able to break down whatever concepts I’m struggling with and explain them with ease. I’ve worked with at least 5 poker coaches in my career and Phil is by far the most professional coach I’ve had.
Michael Song, PLO 5000, Hong Kong