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PLO Pre-flop Strategy

Omaha Gold: Olympian opportunities on 1-straight flops

Dear reader, the study on 1-straight flops that I present below has been on my ‘To Do’ list for a while and I am pleased to say that the results did not disappoint. In this study, we classify three different types of 1-straight flops and then delve deeper into exploitative strategies on ‘pure lock’ flops. Whilst the concepts discussed will benefit all PLO players, they should be of particular benefit to HUPLO players, since the wider ranges in this game necessitate aggression with hands considered ‘marginal’ in many a 6-max game. For the strategy sections of this article we are considering decisions from the perspective of a single caller in the big blind facing a pre-flop raise from a non-blind position. All flops discussed are nonotone so please, please do not try to apply these strategies on two-tone or monotone flops! At 2000 words it may be a heavy read for some of us, so without further ado let’s dive in…

First, inspect the Lock…

In order to become a competent Omaha player, you should be able to identify immediately whether a given 1-straight flop is ‘locked’ and, if it is not, with what frequency high-equity draws are possible. Fortunately for the reader, I have assembled this information below:


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Making money from madness: Mastering the maniac in PLO

This article is particularly close to my heart; for several months I found maniacs infuriatingly difficult to beat, or at least to beat for as much as money as I “should have” been beating them for. Once I sat down and analyzed the maniacs’ play and where I was getting into trouble, my results against them improved dramatically. Here I share some of the key concepts with you which I use to out-manoeuvre these troublesome tricksters.

Defining the maniac pre-flop

A maniac is a player who relentlessly raises and 3bets pre-flop with a very wide range, usually to pot and with little regard for stack sizes. The key pre-flop variation between maniacs (since they play such huge ranges) is their approach to 4betting: some maniacs 4bet whenever they feel like it, but others simply call a huge range and choose only to 4bet AAxx. Pay close attention to a maniac’s 4betting range since it can be correct to 3bet/fold KKxx against the latter. (more…)

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Playing the Percentages in PLO: Two equity surprises

This is the first post in an aperiodic series of short articles whose goal is to present some interesting numbers and their immediate implications. These posts are meant to provide a change of pace from our more cogent analyses and are left deliberately open-ended. The reader is encouraged to share any insights that he develops as a result in the comment box below.

1) KQJT is a poor 3bet hand against a tight range

So are QQJT and KKQT; what is the justification for this counter-intuitive claim?

Card removal.


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