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PLO Pre-flop Strategy

Interpreting PLO 3bet ranges Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 3-part series on interpreting your opponent’s 3bet range. This part shall focus on static flops. Parts 2 and 3 focus on dynamic flops.

Most players have a reasonable understanding of the “top of their range” when defending 3bet pots (at least when their opening range is <30%, many mistakes are still made OTB). However there are many flops where it feels like we are being exploited as we fold too frequently to a continuation bet. Choosing to (semi)bluff-raise or float with a marginal hand can feel like a shot in the dark. Let’s say we open:

QcJhTc7s in the CO and the SB 3bets us. We call and…

FLOP: Kc7d2s

Our opponent C-bets for around half-pot. What do we do? (more…)

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Don’t 3bet this hand: T♥8♠5♥2♠

In fact, don’t 3bet any hands with more than 1 card ranked between 2 and 5 in them (outside big pairs, double pairs and perhaps the wheel), and aim for 0 cards. Let’s examine why:

This hand will flop “nutty” (which I define as top two or better) 9% of the time. However, 2 of that 9 are flushes (not even approaching the nuts) leaving you with a strong playable hand at best 7% of the time. The draws are even more embarrassing; you flop a lowly OESD 17% of the time and although you flop a pair+FD 10% of the time, only 1.5% of the time is it top pair and its always a crappy FD.

Let’s compare the hands I suggested playing which are of a similar structure but also marginal. (more…)

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