Poker Research Assistant

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Your Responsibilities:

  • Execute Proprietary Models for Constructing Ranges
  • Video Editing in Camtasia
  • Building Examples with Odds Oracle and PokerJuice
  • Execute Data Collection Methods
  • Record Live Play Videos to create examples

Hiring Process:

After all applications have been submitted, a number of candidates will be selected for a 20 minute Skype interview.

If more than one candidate passes the interview then successful candidates will be invited to work on a project for a Trial Week.

After this Trial Week the best candidate will be offered research work on a contract basis.


Who You Are:

  • You have a strong work ethic
  • You are very comfortable with Odds Oracle and PokerJuice
  • You like learning things and are always reading a book or new blogs on the latest technology
  • You probably follow Tim Ferriss

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Current or former client familiar with my methods
  • Experience with Odds Oracle Syntax and Macros
  • Experience with Camtasia

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience developing
  • Experience with front and back end
  • Database experience
  • Experience with Java
  • Experience with C++
  • Experience with Python
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