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I work with an existing client base of excellent, inquisitive poker players who benefit from exclusive access to my latest research into the game of Omaha.

I maintain a waiting list for private coaching and not all applicants are accepted. You are eligible for private coaching only if you have made at least £100,000 in profit from the game and are absolutely committed to improving.

My private coaching rates are £650 per hour.
I offer an exclusive 5 session package designed to overhaul your game from top to bottom at a special price of £2,600.

These rates reflect the value of my services for the High Stakes Clients that I serve.

If you are a Small or Mid Stakes player looking for a more affordable way to benefit from my teaching I recommend that you join my Elite Poker Training Portal.

If you are interested in working with me personally, and you are absolutely committed to bulletproofing your game then click here for more information.


Do you want to fix your leaks?

Discover my private poker coaching package, tailored to you.

Learn why some of the world’s top pros work with Phil

Jorryt van Hoof
Jorryt van HoofWSOP 2014 Main Event 3rd Place Finisher
“Phil has contributed to making me think very critically about my game and the decisions I make, pointing out blind spots. All the time Phil is coming up with new arguments I hadn’t thought of before. Stay away if you don’t like to learn!”
John Beauprez @ PLO QuickPro
John Beauprez @ PLO QuickProWSOP Bracelet winner
“Phil has been consistently releasing the best written PLO content on the internet over the past couple of years. I always encourage my personal clients to religiously follow his advice and consume his material. I have personally purchased, and benefited greatly from his coaching lessons, and in my opinion he has a top-notch understanding of PLO theory, and can teach you how to stay competitive in today’s tough PLO games.”
David 'danfiu' Mezei
David 'danfiu' MezeiBudapest, High Stakes Professional
“One of my friends recommended working together with Phil. I have worked with about 3-4 different coaches before Phil and I can tell that I haven’t had such analytical and precise coach before him, who would be willing to put that much effort into the coaching sessions and explain theory so well and so fluent. I can highly recommend Phil as a coach, because he improves your overall skillset and teaches some things that I had never heard before.

About my career and improvement: When I started playing plo in 2010 on plo10, I was pretty passive irrc, didn’t even know what 3bet was and didnt use any tracking software at all. I turned my biggest weakness (passiveness) into the opposite and maintaining a healthy red line I think. Before Phil coached me, I had massive swings, even 70-80 BI-s/month and my game was not stable because of leaks in my game and my mental state (I was tilting a lot), but since I became a solid winner and much stronger mentally now I can retain a solid EV line. So Phil brings stability in your game if you work hard off the tables.”

Jesper 'Nessilita' Nordkvist
Jesper 'Nessilita' NordkvistHigh Stakes Professional
“When I found I knew straight away that I wanted to do private coaching with Phil. I could’t be happier with my decision. A true professional and by far the greatest source of omaha wisdom and knowledge I’ve ever stumbled upon. He has changed my poker world and has also made significant contributions to the rest of my life. I am forever grateful.”
Michael Song
Michael SongHong Kong, High Stakes Professional
“I’ve heard of Phil due to his reputation as being a math guy. I’m the kind of guy who uses logic and hand reading to figure out the best plays however I’ve been wanting to improve my game more and tried out some lessons with Phil.

I am blown away by the math work he’s done for this crazy game as well as his ability to teach. As I’m not a math guy, some times the information can be overwhelming but Phil is not only patient but is able to break down whatever concepts I’m struggling with and explain them with ease.

Phil comes prepared with a guideline and not only does he explain each point, but he will back up any argument with Propokertool simulations. I’ve worked with at least 5 poker coaches in my career and Phil is by far the most professional coach I’ve had. You are clearly getting your money’s worth learning from him.”

Ankush Khandelwal
Ankush KhandelwalUK, Mid Stakes Professional
“Initially I chose to work with Phil as I had been impressed with the quality of his articles; Phil does a lot of in depth numerical analysis, and I wanted to learn how to better apply my existing game theory skills to poker. I had just turned pro and was playing small/mid HUPLO and thought coaching early in my career would be a smart choice.

Phil has helped improve the technical side of my game greatly, and I now have a better framework from which to build exploitative strategies. Phil’s analysis is so rigorous that he has even approximated GTO sub strategies for specific frequent board textures – it gives me huge confidence in my game to have a statistically sound reference strategy, even if I choose to deviate my play from it.”


Do you want to fix your leaks?

Discover my private poker coaching package, tailored to you.
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