The Smart Player’s Introduction To Short Deck Holdem

It has been just over a year since I started my research into Short Deck Hold’em and, with its recent release on Pokerstars, it seems like a good time to write some introductory strategy material on the game. As part of my new-found resolve to be more direct (and, dare I say it, self-promoting!) in 2019 I have assumed that the reader is smart enough to have figured out the basics for himself. I’m not going to bore you or myself by writing a basic outline of rules, or trivial observations about connected cards and suits pre-flop. Instead we’ll dive […]

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How to Exploit Loose Passive Players

PLO can be a frustrating game. Many serious players, especially those with a Hold’em background, come into PLO and are excited by the sight of all the loose players splashing about in the pot. Their excitement soon turns to exasperation as their opponents seem to never fold but always get there. And this exasperation turns to desperation when they realize that the simple strategies that worked so well in Hold’em are actually losing against the fish.

If seems familiar to you, or if you simply feel that you are missing value given the radical departure of the loose-passive player’s approach from […]

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A Structural Analysis of the Small Blind Response

Every poker player experiences this at one time or other… maybe it’s happening to you at the moment: that one player who, no matter what you do, seems to keep beating you out of pots. It could be that they keep putting in one more bet than your hand is comfortable with, or that when you finally have it they seem to get away. Facing that player, your own nemesis, day after day, takes a toll on even the best players.

My private clients often ask me to help them to exploit a specific opponent they are having trouble with in […]

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