A Structural Analysis of the Small Blind Response

Every poker player experiences this at one time or other… maybe it’s happening to you at the moment: that one player who, no matter what you do, seems to keep beating you out of pots. It could be that they keep putting in one more bet than your hand is comfortable with, or that when you finally have it they seem to get away. Facing that player, your own nemesis, day after day, takes a toll on even the best players.

My private clients often ask me to help them to exploit a specific opponent they are having trouble with in […]

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Rangefinders: Which hands should you fold to a 3-bet?

– Heraclitus

New players to Omaha struggle at the tables because they have weak thought processes. Some weak thought processes are bad questions. And one of these bad questions is, “Which hands should I fold to a 3-bet?”

Experienced Omaha players, if they are feeling patient and kind (or being paid), will ask a series of clarifying questions to better ascertain the context of the situation:

“What position did you open from?”
“What position did your opponent 3-bet from?”
“What are the stack sizes?”
“What are your opponent’s tendencies?”

And so on. Clarifying questions, if carefully crafted, serve to parameterize the context of the situation to […]

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Change your Game Facing a Linear Range

The modern PLO games are saturated with players who have a basic understanding of hand value and a strong aversion to complex decisions. A fundamental component of these players’ strategy is a tendency to bet the flop with a Linear Range and not concern themselves with protecting their checking ranges.

This approach enables them to continue comfortably against check-raises, and to barrel frequently on the turn with a strong range. It crushes loose-passive fish, which explains why so many players rise through micro and small stakes playing this way.

Such opponents can be frustrating to play against, since […]

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