Camouflaged Ranges in the Small Blind

Whilst a lot of professional poker players pride themselves on their ‘hand-reading abilities’, they tend to assume that their own betting lines are hard for other players to read.

In actual fact, there are many situations in PLO where the majority of players have transparent ranges. With multiple streets left to play, transparent ranges Pre-flop do a great deal of damage to your win-rate.

When raising first in, camouflaging our ranges is usually a minor consideration. We seek to play the best hand possible and, since the alternative to raising is folding, we have only one playable range to consider. But […]

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How to do yourself Justice in the Battle of the Blinds

Aquinas’s concept of justice, whilst interesting, creates several problems in its practical application. The first problem is how to identify the circumstances that we find ourselves in. If we cannot recognize the reference class that the situation belongs to then Aquinas’ maxim gives us no guidance as to the correct course of action. The second problem is that it is impossible in all but the most trivial of situations to know what we ought to do without prior consideration.

As acting human beings we solve these problems in the moment by bundling any given situation into a class that appears to […]

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John Beauprez on Adjusting to Live PLO for Online Players

John Beauprez is a PLO cash game pro and entrepreneur who splits his time between Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. He won a WSOP bracelet in a $1,500 Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em tournament in 2013 for a cool $325,000 in cash.

John founded the PLO training site PLOQuickPro in 2010 to help players learn the core fundamentals of PLO, improve their non-showdown winnings and move up in stakes. Last year he created the Bracelet Hunter podcast dedicated to interviewing the most successful WSOP players in today’s games, and allowing them to reveal the proven strategies for succeeding at […]

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