Cardquant Diamond

Success Stories

Read what clients say about joining Cardquant Diamond to master 5c and 6cPLO, get ahead of the poker curve, and stay there.

Marshall Godschalk
CEO at GBI Holding, Rowing Olympian and 2007 World Champion
Stakes: $25/50
Region: Curacao

“The investment I made in my skills … has paid me back many times…”

How would you describe your experience on the Cardquant Diamond program?

“As an Olympian with a decade of elite training and competition experience, I was always looking for an edge. I intuitively understood that to be the best, I had to train harder and smarter than my competition. Of course, the same goes for poker, and the best ‘edge’ out there is Phil Rocquemore’s 3-month Cardquant Diamond course together with Phil’s coaching. Phil is a master mathematician, teacher, and coach. He does a great job understanding his trainee, the level of their current knowledge and mastery of the game, their strengths and weaknesses, and the level of play to which they aspire. From there, Phil can help you improve in a number of ways, whether you want to become the best poker player or just looking to win the games you play in. You’ll always have plenty to learn from Phil. The investment I made in my skills by enrolling into Phil’s Cardquant Diamond course has paid me back many times in the brief time since the course. And I continue to improve by practicing with Phil’s Pokermuscle software and Phil’s weekly coaching. I am so happy I pursued training with Phil — I love the player I am becoming and the extra cash is great!”

Review Nitin Jain

Nitin Jain
Professional poker player
Stakes: $25/50
Region: India

“I was making 10-20k a month when I joined Phil and I make 50k-80k a month now”

How would you describe your experience on the Cardquant Diamond program?

When I applied for 5 card Diamond program I had already been playing 5 card Omaha for a year and doing decent I would say (primarily because games were so soft) but my understanding of game was poor to say the least.

It’s been a year since I have been working with Phil, each report of the program and each session I have had with Phil has made difference in my understanding of the game itself and my win rate has tripled over the course of the year, I was making 10-20k a month when i joined Phil and I make 50-80k a month now. My confidence as a poker player itself has never been higher. Though he has only coached my 5 card [and 6 card] but his understanding and the way he explains things has helped me even in other formats. Having Phil as my coach has been the best decision of my poker career, I couldn’t be more happy about it,