How not to suck at Omaha

Poker Habits: The False Security of Conventional Strategies

When we think of habits what first come to mind are physical actions: brushing our teeth, writing in our journal, going to the gym… or perhaps eating a bag of Cheetos, checking email, mindlessly surfing the internet(!) Yet we all have a far wider set of mental habits- thought patterns which we revert to either under conditions of stress or simply as our daily default mental states. In fact our physical habits are themselves grounded in these habits of thinking.

It should come as no surprise then, that in a game where we make thousands of decisions an hour, we soon […]

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How not to suck at Omaha, Step Two

Step Two: Don’t play a reactive strategy from the small blind

An aggressive regular opens from UTG and the action folds to us in the small blind. We look down at KQJ7ss and the cogs start turning… “The big blind is a nit, so he’ll probably fold 80% of the time here and never squeeze light. There are so many good hands I can flop: top two, pair plus flush draw, even a wrap on T9x. Oh, and this guy will C-bet flops I hit and I’m getting a discount… I call.” If this thought process seems familiar then […]

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How not to suck at Omaha, Step One

Step One: Fold more often to 3-bets when OOP

Consider a pretty hand: AsJs8d7c. You open from middle position and face a 3-bet from the button, a player with a 7% 3-bet width 1 in this situation. You want to call, right? Let’s look at a few reasons why this might not be the smartest idea.

This hand is in the top 16% of all starting hands, but so are most (almost all?) of your hands opening first in from middle position. A quick equity calculation against a 7% range gives us 41% […]

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