Principal PLO Principles

Why indecision is killing your poker profits

There are a lot of gurus in the world who claim to know how to guarantee success. I take a different and more robust approach to succeeding: I find strategies which aren’t proven to be unsuccessful, test them in my own life and see how effective they are for me.

I was inspired to this ‘falsification’ approach to poker strategy in large part by Karl Popper’s excellent text, ‘The Logic of Scientific Discovery’. However I only realized quite how useful it was to generalize it to other areas of my life when I read this quote from Michelangelo about one of […]

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With some signs, the writing doesn’t matter- those who need it won’t read it, and those who will read it didn’t need it.

This thought struck me after I had written this article, since it’s most useful for those players who insist on attempting to play ‘maximally exploitative poker’, and those same players are least likely to read it. Since you’ve stopped by though (and thanks and welcome back!) you’ll get some mathematical reinforcement as to why you (unlike those other guys) balance your ranges.

There are two broad classes of error in poker. The most easily recognizable are those […]

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Principal PLO Principles: The straight that wasn’t there

This is my first offering for players new to Omaha strategy. As such it shall be more concise and less challenging than most of my other articles to date. It is not directed at the  mid/high-stakes player although I expect there will still be some points of interest here. I also apologize to William Hughes Mearns, noble poet and fellow alumnus.

The Straight that wasn’t there: turn transitions with a set on a nonotone board

Yesterday, upon the turn,
I saw a straight that wasn’t there
It wasn’t there again today
I wish, […]

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