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John Beauprez on Adjusting to Live PLO for Online Players

John Beauprez is a PLO cash game pro and entrepreneur who splits his time between Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. He won a WSOP bracelet in a $1,500 Six-Handed No Limit Hold’em tournament in 2013 for a cool $325,000 in cash.

John founded the PLO training site PLOQuickPro in 2010 to help players learn the core fundamentals of PLO, improve their non-showdown winnings and move up in stakes. Last year he created the Bracelet Hunter podcast dedicated to interviewing the most successful WSOP players in today’s games, and allowing them to reveal the proven strategies for succeeding at […]

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Coping with spew in poker and life

An elevator anecdote from Aaron Jones prompted me to share a sans-stair story of my own. A recent visit to my gym found me sharing 30 seconds with a middle-aged yummy mummy already in her Lycra workout gear. I said, “Hello,” as I always do when I encounter another person in a lift and was met with a rather overly-enthusiastic response. “Oh, Hi!!,” she replied and then continued to recount to me some tale the details of which I cannot recall. Suddenly, she interrupted herself,

“I’m sorry, I thought you were the father of one of my children.”

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5 Leaks that leave you stuck at PLO 50

PLO 50 is the first level at which a keen Omaha player can start making decent money. $5 per table per hour is attainable with a good grasp of PLO fundamentals and discipline. If you 6-table, this is $30 per hour which is better money than most jobs in many countries.

In terms of Omaha skill, PLO 50 is a haven for grinders who aren’t familiar with poker’s version of the Peter Principle:  they have reached a level at which their combination of skill and discipline is only sufficient to break-even but they are too stubborn to […]

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