PLO can be a frustrating game. Many serious players, especially those with a Hold’em background, come into PLO and are excited by the sight of all the loose players splashing about in the pot. Their excitement soon turns to exasperation as their opponents seem to never fold but always get there. And this exasperation turns to desperation when they realize that the simple strategies that worked so well in Hold’em are actually losing against the fish.

If seems familiar to you, or if you simply feel that you are missing value given the radical departure of the loose-passive player’s approach from any semblance of optimal play, then stick around.

This video is part of a series that I am creating on heuristic methods in PLO. The series will vary in its complexity but will consistently focus on giving you intelligent decision frameworks that you can take to the tables today. If you’re smarter than the average poker player and prefer deep understanding to routine memorization then you will enjoy these videos.

After watching this video you will have a better understanding of how loose-passive players look at the game and a couple of tools in your arsenal to help you maximally exploit them.

If you learn something from this video you will enjoy my new course, Dynamic Blind Defence, which features heuristic methods backed by in-house simulations to help you to build adaptive pre-flop ranges in real-time from the blinds.

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