Whilst I hope that the keen poker player will enjoy my broader work on decision theory and self-optimization, the focus of this section of the website is on improving your technical poker game. I specialize in the analysis of Pot Limit Omaha, and a close reading of the material below will assist both the seasoned professional and the aspiring card-sharp. If you find my work useful, you are encouraged to check back regularly as this archive grows.

I recommend that you start with ‘The Poker Decision‘ before browsing the work by category.

Escape the fishbowl

Here’s an experience to which any keen poker player can relate. Having slept off a rough time at the tables the night before, you fire up a video from your favorite training site, fresh and eager to learn. You pick a ‘big name’ player, who for this article we shall refer to as ‘Colin’. Colin shows you a ‘live sweat’ video, where over the course of an hour of play…