PLO Post-flop Strategy

Beyond the Solvers: How to Evaluate Straight Draws in Multiway Pots

When your daily working life begins and ends at a computer screen it’s all to easy to be sucked into the maelstrom of clickbait, trends, and sensationalist Youtube videos. In the poker world the emphasis on solvers as some kind of Oracle is great for quickly generating content and has led to many poker players submitting to the idea that the best investment of their time is to become amateur data scientists.

And the solvers certainly are seductive! The rows of cards, numbers and percentages offer an apparent certainty that is comforting in the otherwise rocky, shifting game that is […]

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How to Exploit Loose Passive Players

PLO can be a frustrating game. Many serious players, especially those with a Hold’em background, come into PLO and are excited by the sight of all the loose players splashing about in the pot. Their excitement soon turns to exasperation as their opponents seem to never fold but always get there. And this exasperation turns to desperation when they realize that the simple strategies that worked so well in Hold’em are actually losing against the fish.

If seems familiar to you, or if you simply feel that you are missing value given the radical departure of the loose-passive player’s approach from […]

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Change your Game Facing a Linear Range

The modern PLO games are saturated with players who have a basic understanding of hand value and a strong aversion to complex decisions. A fundamental component of these players’ strategy is a tendency to bet the flop with a Linear Range and not concern themselves with protecting their checking ranges.

This approach enables them to continue comfortably against check-raises, and to barrel frequently on the turn with a strong range. It crushes loose-passive fish, which explains why so many players rise through micro and small stakes playing this way.

Such opponents can be frustrating to play against, since […]

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