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Life stakes: The biggest game you’ll ever play.

I heard the screams as soon as I left my apartment; insistent, in a foreign tongue and clearly those of a woman in distress. I hesitated before the elevator and elected to take the stairs. I’m only two floors above ground, and from the stairwell I would be able to process what was happening before I had to act. My first thought was that she was being assaulted; I steeled myself for a possible fight. I arrived at ground level to find a substantial middle-aged woman in hysterics: pacing around, shouting, with tears streaming down her face. She caught sight […]

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Climbing Mount EV, a steady ascent

If you want to play winning Omaha…

you need a lot more than a HUD and a hand chart. Fortunately, this complexity is an integral part of why the games are presently so profitable. Many former NLHE regulars have migrated to Omaha under the impression that, “that’s where the fish are.” They then experience several long downswings and yet maintain their self-image as ‘winning poker players’ because they read that, “PLO has a lot of variance”. Baloney! 1 Sure, there are more fish at PLO than Hold’em, and if you are a […]

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DDD: Keeping abreast of developments in tilt management

Maintenance of an even temperament has long been recognized as a characteristic conducive to playing winning poker. Most of us know players who are far weaker than us technically (who could be better, really?) who consistently beat the games through elimination of the most gross mistakes. If you are not sure you appreciate the value of eliminating blunders from your game, keep a note of how much they cost you in your next few session reviews. Those players who can avoid gross mistakes whilst their luck appears to have deserted them are piling up a significant edge in the long-run. […]

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