Every poker player experiences this at one time or other… maybe it’s happening to you at the moment: that one player who, no matter what you do, seems to keep beating you out of pots. It could be that they keep putting in one more bet than your hand is comfortable with, or that when you finally have it they seem to get away. Facing that player, your own nemesis, day after day, takes a toll on even the best players.

My private clients often ask me to help them to exploit a specific opponent they are having trouble with in their games.

Invariably they care the most about 3-bet pots, because these are more valuable than 2-bet pots. And they care a lot about their 3-bet ranges from the blinds because it is in the blinds that they face the widest opening ranges.

My challenge is to teach my students how to respond dynamically using easy-to-learn heuristics to build ranges in real time.

Today I’m sharing with you a complete sample video from my new course, Dynamic Blind Defence. In it, I discuss the factors that are most relevant to our pre-flop decisions in the Small Blind which arise from the structure of the game.

After watching this video you will have the foundations of a new family of heuristics for making the right pre-flop decisions from the Small Blind in the heat of battle. To learn those heuristics in detail, you’ll need the rest of the course.

Press play below.